Jaima Emmert

Founder / Design Director

Jaima Brown Emmert is the founder and creative force behind Jaima & Co. Her presence in the wallpaper industry began shortly after earning a degree in Fine Art and Art History from the University of Quelph in Canada.

Jaima gained experience working on all aspects of the design process as a Stylist at Sunworthy Wallcoverings in Toronto. She achieved quick success creating top-selling collections in Canada, England and Europe and eventually produced a single collection that sold two million rolls – a record in the industry.

In 1999 Jaima moved to Chicago, where she worked as the Design Director for SAMaxwell Co., and continued to cement herself as a top designer of wallpaper domestically and abroad. In 2003, Jaima Brown Home (JBH) was launched: a brand exclusively producing high-end wallcoverings. After a successful 9 years, Wallquest became the distributor of the Jaima Brown Home brand globally. After a short absence from the industry to pursue other lifelong passion projects, in 2012 Jaima returned to the world of wallpaper as lead design director for the JBH brand.

Jaima’s frequent global travels and regular attendance at European design shows have always been a great source of inspiration for her collections. She is known as a color expert and for the fresh palettes she brings into her designs. Pattern, however, is really what it’s all about for Jaima. She loves to incorporate a selection of novelty prints into her traditional collections. Researching through antique document fabrics, bygone generations and vintage wallpapers are a particularly favorite way for Jaima to draw her inspirations for her new collections.



The official Jaima & Co. mascot

Daisy, has often been found napping or lounging on vintage fabrics or antique documents in our design studio. Daisy is our official greeter as she loves people. She loves to snuggle, swim and dive for tennis balls. Lily, our African Grey, who Jaima inherited from her mother in law, is definitely in charge! She loves to sing and talk but mostly likes to watch what’s going on around the studio.